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Assos SKHARAB Cykelbriller Blå

af Assos
Spar 360,00 kr
Original pris 1.839,00 kr
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Assos SKHARAB Cykelbriller med Assos blå linse.



Brille der er udviklet i et buet stykke og som forstærker udsynet uanset om der køres på landevej eller i skoven.


Assos teknologien i cykelbrillen.

Skharab Lens: The single nylon lens features an aerodynamic low-profile shape, while still retaining our signature rimless platform for unobstructed vision and a superlight feel. 100% UV protection, impact-resistant, and BPA-free.

Neptune Blue: A blue tint ideal for medium light conditions. Light Transmission: 12%. Light Conditions: Medium Light. Contrast: Increased. Base lens color: Grey. 

Anti-Fog: All the Skharab lenses are equipped with an anti-fog treatment on the back that guarantees clear lenses in all weather conditions.

Temples: Constructed with a wide contact interface where they meet the lens, adding durability to the connection point. The step-down zeroPressure shape mirrors the curvature of your head, and they’re finished with textured, supple elastomer inserts for a light and secure grip.

Nosepiece: The fully adjustable nosepiece is constructed with our grippy clickFace elastomer, which conforms to your nose to provide a custom, secure fit.