Assos hL.sturmNuss - black volkanga

af Assos
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A revolution in protection, these year-round rain pants keep you dry yet let your body breathe, even in the worst weather.

An intelligent and dependable friend for committed year-round riders, the hL.sturmNuss are game changing, full-length rainShell pants that tackle rain, wind and bad weather head-on. Born from a desire to create an ultra-compact lower-body leg protection garment that insulates without hindering your movements, these year-round over-trousers for cycling adapt to changes in ambient temperatures to ensure you stay dry on the inside as well as out. Engineered from our exclusive TRITON fabric - made in the Swiss village next door to ASSOS HQ - the hL.sturmNuss cycling rain pants give maximum protection in areas fully exposed to the elements, whilst allowing maximum freedom of movement thanks to lighter weight, four-way panels on the side. Primed for performance cycling and long-distance touring alike, these highly functional rain pants feature a cleverly engineered lower calf zipper construction, making them easy to get on yet creating a snug, protected fit once you’re on the bike. Now there’s no excuse not to keep riding.

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